FSB Detains Four Daesh Supporters

The FSB in cooperation with the MVD—Ministry of Internal Affairs—have detained four Daesh supporters in the Republic of Dagestan. According to the National Anti-terrorism Committee—NAC—the detained supporters of Daesh were caught planning an attack. “The […]

S-400 anti-aircraft missile system.

Turkey May Cancel S-400 Deal

Ankara may cancel its S-400 deal with Russia if the latter doesn’t agree to jointly produce the anti-aircraft missile system. According to the Kremlin, negotiations are currently being held on the subject. “I can tell […]


What is Russia-Belarus’ Zapad 2017?

The joint Russian-Belarusian strategic military exercise called Zapad 2017 is scheduled for 14–20 September 2017, and will be mainly held in Belarus and Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast. Запад-2017 means West-2017 in English, and is clearly aimed at demonstrating […]