Founder & Executive Editor : Jonathan Wade, CD

Jonathan is decorated former light infantryman who served more than 14 years in the Canadian Forces. Deployed to Afghanistan as part of an embedded mentoring team with the Afghan National Army, Jonathan acquired exceptional leadership skills, culture appreciation as well as a detailed comprehension of the situation on the ground.

After his career as a soldier, Jonathan founded The Sentinel Analytical Group (2014-2017), and later renamed the blog to Conflict Observer. His goal is to offer an alternative to mainstream media news with detailed analysis as well as offering vital technical informations for a better comprehension of the situation.

Jonathan is also the media analyst for the “Centre sur la sécurité internationale” at the Laval University, as well as a project coordinator with the NATO Association of Canada.

He is now studying at the Laval University in Russian studies, Political Science, and Arab studies. Jonathan speaks French, English and Russian (elementary). He is also working on Modern Standard Arabic.

You can follow Jonathan on Twitter : @JonathanWadeCD.

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Broadcast News Analyst : Simon Pagé de Varennes

Simon Pagé de Varennes is a Master’s degree student in International studies at Laval University. He acted as Vice-president for Laval University’s Model United Nations. Throughout the years, his passion for international affairs led him to host radio shows vulgarizing the tremendously complicated but fascinating events shaping the current world order. His main interests are the US and Middle-Eastern affairs, but he’s always on the lookout for stories uncovered by the mainstream media!

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Senior Analyst – Middle East : Élianne Gendron

Elianne Gendron is a Master’s student in International studies, with a focus on international security. Specialized in conflict analysis, Elianne has a special interest in Middle Eastern politics. She participated in an Arab League simulation in Washington DC and as travelled to the Middle East, in addition to learning Arabic and Turkish. Fan and reader of Conflict Observer in the last few years, she is excited to join the team as the senior analyst for the Middle East region.

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Senior Analyst – Middle East : Rose-Hélène Beauséjour

Before beginning a bachelor of International Studies at Laval University, in Québec, Rose-Helene spent most of her time around the globe. She has a good and personal knowledge of the issues that currently constitute the world. She likes to analyze phenomena stemming from international relations (conflicts, immigration issues, etc.) from a more human perspective. Rose-Helene holds a bachelor of International Studies and a certificate in Anthropology from Laval University. As part of her studies, she also had the opportunity to participate in seminars at the Philipps-Universität in Marburg, Germany, and at Sciences Po Bordeaux, in France. In 2018, she began a Master’s degree of International Studies, with a focus on cultures, conflicts, and peace at Université de Montréal.

Senior Analyst – Asia-Pacific : Victoria Gaudry

Victoria Gaudry holds a Master’s degree in Applied Economics from the University of Bordeaux and is now a Masters student in International Studies at Laval University. Specialized in international security, her primary research interests are Sino-American relations, US foreign policy and security in Asia-Pacific. Victoria is also currently undergoing an internship with the “Chaire Raoul-Dandurand en études stratégiques et diplomatiques” in Montreal, Quebec.

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You can follow Victoria on Twitter : @VictoriaGaudry

Senior Analyst – Russia : Oceane Touillon

Current student at the Hautes études internationales at Laval University, international humanitarian law and international security are two passions of mine discovered whilst doing my masters degree in Canada. Thus, my interests orbit around the respect of the law of war and the conduct of hostilities. It will be a pleasure to share my knowledge on those subjects and many more.

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Analyst – Africa : Gabriel Turmel

Gabriel Turmel is holder of a bachelor’s degree in history from Laval University. He’s now pursuing his studies at the Quebec Institute of High International Studies where he is a master’s degree candidate in international security studies. Diplomatic conflicts, terrorism and control of natural resources are his primary research interests. Gabriel is also the general manager of the “Regard Critique” journal and sits on the administration council of the Quebec Circle of International Affairs.

You can follow Gabriel on Twitter : @Turmel_Gabriel

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Analyst – Africa : Jessica Vibert

Jessica Vibert holds a bachelor’s degree in History from Laval University. After a certificate in Political Science, she pursued a master’s degree in international relations at the HEI of Laval University. While studying, she assumed the responsibilities of director at Regard Critique for two consecutive terms.

Having a strong interest in far right movements, she wrote her final essay on the transformation of the radical and populist right in Israel. She also takes a strong interest in Middle Eastern politics and culture. Not so long ago, she started reading the politics in East Africa, writing a book review on Al-Shabaab.

After finishing an internship at the International Bureau for Children’s rights, she continued working in edition, redaction and translation as a freelancer.

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