North Korea Wants “Brutal” Sanctions to Halt

North Korea called for a halt in the brutal sanctions against them stating it constituted genocide. Several rounds of sanctions have been imposed on Pyongyang after the regime has failed to stop its nuclearization program despite the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) countless warnings to do so.

“Today the U.S.-led racket of brutal sanctions and pressure against the DPRK constitutes contemporary human rights violation and genocide,” the North Korean mission to the United Nations in Geneva said in a statement according to the New York Times.

The sanctions regime “threatens and impedes the enjoyment by the people of DPRK of their human rights in all sectors”, it said.

The call to end the sanctions comes as U.S. President Donald Trump starts his 12-day trip to Asia where he will hold talks with China, South Korea and Japan. Focusing on both the economy and the Korean threat, President Trump will definitely call on his partners to impose more pressure on Pyongyang and its nuclear program. Even NATO has issued a statement on the North Korean nuclear weapon program’s threat.

Pyongyang has some serious affront calling the UN sanctions a genocide considering the number of human rights violations that occurs on a daily basis throughout the country. More than 16 waves of sanctions have been adopted by the United Nations Security Council since 2006 under resolution 1718.

North Koreans are sent to "forced labor" while Pyongyang calls for sanctions to halt on the basis of "human rights abuse."
North Koreans are sent to “forced labor” while Pyongyang calls for sanctions to halt on the basis of “human rights abuse.”

If Kim Jong Un is so concerned for his country, maybe he should shift all the money invested in developing nuclear weapons to its populations’ welfare. Adding to that, Pyongyang’s hydrogen bomb test conducted on September 3 pushed the country further into isolation when China did not veto the latest rounds of sanctions.

China has said it will strictly enforce UN Security Council sanctions banning imports of North Korean coal, textiles and seafood, while cutting off oil shipments to the North.

The North Korean mission to the United Nations in Geneva issued a statement saying the sanctions imposed have “blocked the delivery of medical equipment and medicines” destined to children and mothers in the country.

“All types of anti-human rights and inhumane sanctions against the DPRK should be terminated immediately and thoroughly,” the statement said.

What amazes me is that despite having issues receiving vital medical equipment for its population, Kim Jong Un has been threatening the United Nations with a possible nuclear war instead of calling for a stop to its nuclearization and allow the international community to come to its help. north Korea is even planning an atmospheric hydrogen bomb test instead of focusing on its populations’ welfare.

By doing so, Pyongyang and its regime are trying to gain the international community’s pity while working behind their back to build nuclear weapons capable of killing millions.

Until North Korea stop its nuclear weapon development program and commit human rights abuses such as sending people into forced labour, I do not believe the international community will cease or at least ease the sanctions unilaterally approved by the UNSC.

In the meantime, Pyongyang will continue to be a threat to the international community by continuing nuclear weapons tests and challenging both South Korea and Japan.



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