FSB Detains Four Daesh Supporters

The FSB in cooperation with the MVD—Ministry of Internal Affairs—have detained four Daesh supporters in the Republic of Dagestan.

According to the National Anti-terrorism Committee—NAC—the detained supporters of Daesh were caught planning an attack.

FSB Spetsgruppa "A"
FSB Spetsgruppa “A”

“The security service along with the Russian Interior Ministry has uncovered and stopped the activities of the IS [Islamic State, ISIS, Daesh, banned in Russia]… On October 13 and October 14, four members of the so-called sleeping cell of this criminal organization have been detained in Moscow and Makhachkala [capital city of the Republic of Dagestan],” the statement said.

In the statement, the four detainees testified about their contact with Daesh recruiters and their preparation to conduct attacks with home-made devices in crowded places around the Republic of Dagestan. The NAC also added that the law enforcement agencies found three explosive devices in two caches while conducting an operation to capture the Daesh supporters.

In 2017, the FSB conducted operations resulting in neutralizing more than 20 sleeper terrorist cells in the North Caucasus alone.

FSB Detains Four Daesh Supporters
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FSB Detains Four Daesh Supporters
The FSB in cooperation with the MVD—Ministry of Internal Affairs—have detained four Daesh supports in the Republic of Dagestan. 
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