Canada to Send Troops in Tunisia?

Canadian soldiers from CFB Valcartier are preparing to deploy to Tunisia to provide vital training to the Tunisian Land Army.

According to sources who wished to remain anonymous for security purposes, Canada will deploy troops to Tunisia to enhance the fight against terrorism. The Canadian soldiers, mostly non-commissioned officers (NCO), will train Tunisian soldiers in the fight against terrorism.

Canada should have boots on the ground in Tunisia starting next December where a first contingent will arrive. The soldiers are currently training for the mission.

Canadian soldiers have acquired tremendous experience over the course of their deployment in Afghanistan on training, mentoring, and advising local troops in the fight against terrorism. Often called Foreign Internal Defence (FID), the mission will not put the soldiers in danger nor will see them engaged in combat.

Canada acquired new vehicles for the deployment, the Polaris MRZR ultralight tactical vehicles. The vehicles were seen driving around the military base throughout the day and night. The MRZR is a perfect vehicles for terrain such as North Africa.

Polaris MRZR ultralight tactical vehicle
Polaris MRZR ultralight tactical vehicle

Last year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged peacekeepers to the United Nations and a few destinations were being discussed. For instance, Mali was one of the most probable destination for Canadian peacekeepers, a possibility still on the table for 2018. Canada would take over France in the fight against terrorism under an United Nations mandate.

Meanwhile, the small group of NCOs will be deployed in Tunisia where the Islamic State is having success recruiting new fighters for their cause.

Although Tunisia was the instigator of the Arab spring and became one of the most stable democracy in Africa, young Tunisians are still one of the largest community joining the Islamic State.

One of the motivation to join the Islamic State for those young Tunisians is due to the very low employment opportunities. Because of that, the same young males would spend most of their time around Mosques or loiter around town becoming a good target for IS’ propaganda and utopic promises.

Canada has soldiers deployed in the Republic of South Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and providing strategic airlift support to transport French military equipment and personnel between France and the Sahel region of Africa.