Russian-Chinese Aerospace Security – 2017 Starts in Beijing

Russian and Chinese troops have started a 6-day air defense drill, dubbed Aerospace Security – 2017, in order to enhance its interoperability and secure a strategic balance in the Pacific Rim.

The aim of the drills is to bolster the joint planning of air defense drills in different area:

  • air missile defense
  • operation and mutual fire support
  • responding to ballistic and cruise missile threats over the two countries’ air space.

Aerospace Security – 2017 is the second edition of the joint drills and are not aimed at any third country. However, it is pretty obvious that the deployment of American THAAD batteries in the region as well as the increasingly difficult situation of the North Korean missile launches – with whom both China and Russia share a common border – forces both countries to bolster its air defense cooperation.

According to the Chinese Defense Ministry, both China and Russia oppose the global air defense system and joint drills such as Aerospace Security – 2017 will bring balance and stability to the region.