Conflict Observer is your alternative to mainstream media’s geopolitics and defense-related subjects.

Conflict Observer is a stand-alone analytical project.

Founded in 2015 first under The Sentinel Analytical Group, Conflict Observer is an independent news sources mainly focusing on geopolitics and defense. CO is constantly observing the situation between Russia and NATO while keeping an eye on the various world events that directly affects them. CO also keeps an eye on intelligence, politics, and terrorism-related subjects across the globe.


Created by a Canadian combat veteran of Afghanistan.

Conflict Observer draws an invaluable insight on conflicts through the combat experience and the analytical skills of its editor-in-chief, Jonathan Wade, CD. Serving from 2000 to 2014 in the Canadian Forces, Jonathan acquired many skills that gives CO a different approach to analyzing geopolitics and defense-related issues. Jonathan speaks French, English, and is currently learning Russian.

Conflict Observer's Jonathan Wade, CD
Conflict Observer’s Jonathan Wade, CD

Our goal

Conflict Observer’s mission is to provide our readers and partners with accurate analysis as well as working with them to offer a complete view of Russia and NATO’s geopolitics and defense goals. CO believes in telling both Russia and NATO’s perspective without taking a side.

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