October 19, 2017


Russian President Vladimir putin slaps new sanctions to North Korea.
North Korea

Vladimir Putin Slaps New Sanctions on North Korea

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree today imposing new sanctions on North Korea as a delegation from Pyongyang is currently in Russia. The new restrictions are based on North Korea’s continued dismissal of United […]


FSB Detains Four Daesh Supporters

The FSB in cooperation with the MVD—Ministry of Internal Affairs—have detained four Daesh supporters in the Republic of Dagestan. According to the National Anti-terrorism Committee—NAC—the detained supporters of Daesh were caught planning an attack. “The […]


Turkey Sees No Problem With S-400 Deal

Turkish President Tayyip Ergodan told reporters there was no problem with the purchase of Russian S-400 “Triumf” anti-aircraft weapon system and added that Ankara also started discussing about the possibility of acquiring S-500 in the […]

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A soldier salutes from atop an armoured vehicle as it drives past the stand with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during a military parade marking the 105th birth anniversary of country's founding father Kim Il Sung, in Pyongyang April 15, 2017. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj - RTS12E3O